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Events to promote Innovation & Collaboration

Technology is driven by ideas & fueled by investment. We provide the platform for both to come together & flourish. A unique way to get exposure & knowledge to kickstart the journey into blockchain industry. A recurring event that will feature startups pitches, panel discussions & crowdfunding competition. Register today to get invitations & be part of the technological revolution that is blockchain.


Got something important to share about blockchain? Want to showcase your idea? Wish to test your ideology against others? Take the stage at Blockspace, and project your vision to the world.


Just looking to get some first-hand information from the experts? Want to see blockchain technology in action? Come & visit unique events where ideas become products through a collaboration of the best minds.


It is the connections you form with others, and the different ways you collaborate with people that will help you grow your business to new levels. At Blockspace meet the people that share common goals to share intellectual & material resources.

Startup Elevator:

We understand the needs of a new business to find the right ecosystem, essential mentorship, capital, and connections. So our platform provides a stage for motivated, high-growth potential startups. Apply now & get connected to investors, expert advice & network of professionals.